Flaunt your style with wooden watches and eyewear

The character, style and quality of a watch can say a lot about the man who is wearing it. A watch has a more prominent meaning than most people think. In the last few years, watches made of natural wood have become a trend. Previously, these watches were only found in art and craft exhibitions, but nowadays mens wooden watch is being worn by almost everyone. It has become sleek and elegant with top of the line craftsmanship. It is a preferred choice of men; from blue-collar workers to high profile executives, everyone loves to wear a piece.

Reasons why many people consider getting a wooden timepiece are:

·        100 percent wood: these watches are made of all-natural and renewable resource. The responsive companies today who make these wooden watches are conscious about the environmental conditions and therefore, these watches are only made from non-dangered species of trees. Companies which use exotic types of woods such as acacia coa, only use the logs of the trees that have already died naturally, and are not harvested commercially. Check out WeWOOD

·        Hypo-allergenic: Many people are allergic to certain types of metals,  leather, some kinds of plastic or vinyl. Hence, for them wooden watches are a viable alternative.

·        Stylish and fashionable: These watches are very fashionable and are available in numerous designs and styles to suit the style of any man. These watches come in different diameters, types and colours of wood. Not only that, some companies even make wooden pocket watches. The colour and grain of each wood are unique, which make every wooden watch a sole determining factor of a person’s uniqueness, personality and swagger.

·        These watches are made by knowledgeable craftsmen: Hand made mens wooden watch is always one of a kind, as the human hand cannot ever make identical pieces just as machines do in case of mass production methods. This watch will certainly extend the glamour to any outfit.

·        Assortment of woods used:  From the more common variety of woods like ash to the more exclusive ones like zebrawood, these watches are made from almost an endless variety of woods like oak, maple, Sandalwood, rosewood, acacia koa, walnut, verawood etc.

Tips for choosing a wood watch:

Besides having a marvellous and stylish appearance, wood watches for men must last for many years to come.

1.     The timepiece, which includes the body and the band, should be made of solid hardwood such as hickory, oak or maple and should not be made of a cheap and thin coating over a stainless-steel base.

2.     The watch should have a genuine quartz movement. For instance, you can have a look at the wewood wooden watches, and you will surely fall in love with them. You should always stay far away from buying a watch which has no warranty and no-name movement.  Also, a few companies sell only wood watches in a limited variety or “special edition” series. This makes their watches even more unique.

3.     Nobody wants to drench their new watch in water; hence, it is very much advisable to buy a watch that is water-resistant or water proof, so that  it won’t get ruined if you are suddenly caught in the rain.

Besides mens wooden watches, eye wear is also available, which are made of sustainable materials. The frames are made of natural cotton fibres with layered canvas sheets that make them strong and durable. So no matter what your style statement is, these extremely fashionable and genteel wooden watches and sunglasses will surely make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

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